History of the Detroit Chinese Missionary Society

The history of the Detroit Chinese Missionary Society began in 1977. At that time, several couples began to gather, such as Herman Tang(鄧灼文), Huawen Ye and Wenzheng Zhu , who were studying at Trinity Theological Seminary, went back and forth every weekend to start the pioneering work.

In June, Pastor He Yuxiang took office and served to return to Canada in October of the following year. Later, the priest Mo Xinling, who was preached by the Windsor Chinese Missionary Society, came to help the ministry.

In October, Pastor Chen Youhua and Chen Jingan’s family came to the United States from Taiwan.

The church was formally established on April 4. From 1979 to 1981, it was funded by the Montreal Chinese Missionary Society and the Hebron Church in Hong Kong. It was funded by the Hebron Church in Hong Kong from 1981 to 1984. After 1984 the church was completely independent of the economy. Since the appointment of Pastor Chen, many church ministries such as adult Sunday school, children’s Sunday school, fellowship, choir, Chinese school, lunch, etc. have been promoted one by one, from scratch.

year 1987
Due to the increase in the number of people, under the leadership of God, the Chinese Missionary Society bought the first church on the road to Livernois in October.

year 1991
After the church has its own church, the number of people increases more rapidly, and the original church is no longer available. In 1989, he began to borrow the American Missionary Society and began work on the purchase of the church in early 1990. Finally, in June 1991, I bought the current church at the price of 700,000 US dollars and started another milestone in the church.

the year 1995
Brother Qi Zhihao graduated from Trinity Theological Seminary and became the preacher of the church.

After fifteen years of loyal service, Pastor Chen Youhua officially retired and became a consultant pastor.

In September, Brother Zhihao was officially appointed as a pastor. At the same time, he also became a pastor of the youth (Oasis: 7-12 Grades).

Pastor Chen Youhua returned to Tianjia. In the same year, Brother Zhang Weizhong called God to call the full-time preaching and became part of the church’s time to preach.

Two Chinese worships began in September.

Year 1999
In October, he was led by the letter to the German pastoral society.
At the end of October, the expansion of the ministry began, and the planned expansion was 40% of the original facilities.

In August, Brother Kevin Oh became a youth internship for a period of one year.

The expansion was completed in February and the new church was officially opened in March.
In April, Brother Chen Ruiyuan became the director of the youth affairs ministry.
The first Gospel Camp was held in May and the first Summer Bible School (VBS) was held in June.

year 2002
May 2nd Vision was officially established.
In August, Zhang Weizhong graduated from the Divinity Theological Seminary and became a full-time evangelist.

Year 2003
In August, Brother Chen Ranfu went to South Carolina to study at the seminary all the time.
In August, the local church planting of the Weien Chinese Missionary Society was formally established, and Zhang Weizhong preached to be her pastor.
In September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began to worship independently (6 – 8 Grades).

year 2004
In January, Brother Chen Ruiyuan went to Toronto to study at the seminary all the time. Rev. Jim Costello took over as part of the student ministry director.
In October, Zhang Weizhong was officially appointed as a pastor.

In January, Brother Robert Burns became an English pastor and was responsible for shepherding 2nd Vision.
In October, the church received three visions of God’s vision: diversity, church planting, and mission.
The Rochester Hills Church Planting Group was officially established in December, led by Elder Zhong Zhihong to promote church planting.

year 2006
In June, two Chinese worships were merged into one.
In July, Brother Brent Sickel became a pastor of Oasis & Refresh.
In August, Brother Chen Ranfu graduated from the Theological Seminary and became a pastor of the Rochester Hills Church.

The Cantonese worship in January was formally established.
In April, the local Rochester Hills Church was officially established and named the Detroit Chinese Missionary Church North Hall. Chen Ranfu preached to be her pastor.
In June, Brother Robert Burns officially became a pastor.
In September, Chen Jinyun became the director of children’s ministry.
In October, Lei Shihao preached to become part of the Cantonese pastor.

Year 2008
In June, Lei Shihao preached officially as a pastor.
In August, Brother Xu Minghong returned to Taiwan to study at the seminary.
In October, Pastor Lei Shihao led a god to lead a service in California.

Year 2009
In April, Chen Ranfu and the brother Brent Sickel formally became the pastor.
In July, Zhou Gang preached to become the pastor of the Detroit Chinese Missionary Society.
In August, Pastor Chen Ranfu and the family of Rev. Robert Burns were sent to the mission workshop.

The Detroit Chinese Missionary Society will become a church with an annual budget of about 700,000, two full-time pastors, a child ministry director and an administrative secretary. Financially support two sub-tangs, seven gospel agencies and nine missionaries. Since the end of 1997, people have been sent to Israel, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, El Salvador, Taiwan and China. Church congregation (this association, Wein, Beitang) The number of adults and children is about seven hundred. We sincerely thank God for the grace and work. May God greatly use his brothers and sisters to make more people know Him.
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