Fellowship is the term we use for our gatherings when we come together with the primary objective to connect to each other, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. In today’s information age, people often find it difficult to connect with other people. However, we as people are “social creatures” and need to form relationships with others. The English International Ministry provides the atmosphere and the setting to comfortably connect with new friends in a safe environment with fun and interesting activities.

Schedule and location for each fellowships

FellowshipsMeeting Date/TimeMeeting Location
關愛團契Tuesday 7pm Apt. #930
長青團契Wednesday 9:30amChurch
新路團契Friday 6:30pmJerry Chung’s
喜樂團契Friday 7:30pmBridge Community Church
迦南團契Friday 7:30pmBridge Community Church
沐恩團契Friday 7:30pmChurch
新生命團契Friday 7:30pmChurch
守約家庭團契Friday 7:30pmChan’s
守約新生團契Friday 7:30pmYan’s
清心團契Friday 7:30pmGoan’s
小羊之家團契Friday 7:30pmChurch/Guoming’s
晨光團契Sunday 9:30amChurch

English International Ministry Fellowships are currently on an irregular schedule. Please contact us at mdcacenglish@gmail.com for more information.