DCAC response to COVID-19

Dear DCAC families,

Peace in the Lord! As COVID-19 continues to spread in the United States, we pray that you will experience the manifest presence of Christ and find protection in His grace. 
Based on the biblical truth that loving our neighbors is the best evidence of loving God, and after prayer and discussion, our elders made the decision to continue connecting with one another with remote digital meetings until April 5, instead of meeting at the church building. In this, we show DCAC’s love toward our community by coordinating with the state government of Michigan’s efforts to “flatten the curve.” On April 3, we will update you about arrangements for meetings after April 5, especially arrangements for the Good Friday and Easter services.
More importantly, from now until April 5, we will ask God to lead us in “loving each other earnestly” in our church, and to extend this love toward our community, especially to the most vulnerable members of our community. Our plan:

1. All the pastoral staff will take initiative to care for your needs and pray with you over the phone or video chat. We are available to respond to your questions, concerns, and needs using the above communication methods, or one on one in the most necessary cases. Our purpose is to care for your needs in meaningful ways.

2. We will utilize digital ways to minister to everyone through our worship services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and discipleship. We believe that God can still meet us and we can still encounter Him in the digital space, and that God will help our growth in His grace and truth.

3. We encourage you to continue to connect with your fellowship group online, to encourage and pray for one another. Also, treasure the opportunity to spend more time with your family members. Use “Time with Abba,” pray with your spouse and children, and let the intimate relationship between you and the Heavenly Father be the source and goal for everything you say and do.

4. Pay attention to the needs of your neighbors, family members and friends, especially elderly people. DCAC is glad to help meet these needs. We have a donation of single-use masks from a brother and sister, and if you or someone you know needs a mask, please let the pastoral staff know and we will distribute them with discretion.

Pastoral Staff contact information:

English Ministry Pastor Rob: 734-249-1957, robandlisaburns@yahoo.com

Cantonese Ministry Pastor Karsun: 248-403-5747, karsun2001@yahoo.com

Mandarin Ministry Pastor Shen: 248-515-4893, pastorshen@yahoo.com

Children’s Ministry Director Sherry: 949-529-6460, sherrychoudcac@gmail.com

Middle School Ministry/EM2 Director Lisa: 734-249-1736, lmaburns@hotmail.com

High School Ministry Director Nathan: 248-808-4900, nathan.e.cole@gmail.com

Now let us focus on our Eternal King who is Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King, and pray that He will turn this crisis into new opportunities. May all the churches of Christ, including DCAC, take hold of these opportunities with new hearts and new strategies, living out our hope through good deeds in these uncertain times. May we spread the gospel, leading many to Christ, establishing more joyful communities in the Lord, and preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ!

Detroit Chinese Alliance Church