DCAC response to COVID-19

Dear DCAC families,

Peace in the Lord! As COVID-19 continues to further spread in the United States, we pray that you will experience the manifest presence of Christ and find protection in His grace.
Based on the biblical truth that loving our neighbors is the best evidence of loving God, our elders made the decision to continue connecting with one another with remote digital meetings until April 13, instead of meeting at the church building. In this, we show DCAC’s love toward our community by coordinating with the state government of Michigan’s efforts to “flatten the curve.” On April 10, we will update you about arrangements for meetings after April 13.
Arrangements for the Good Friday (April 10) service:On April 4, we will send Chinese and English materials to the fellowship group leaders to use for online meetings. These materials will include songs, Scripture meditation, and study questions related to Christ’s Passion. Please feel free to make adjustments according to each group’s unique needs.
Arrangements for the Easter (April 12) service:Each congregation will hold its own online Easter service. Information about the Easter service will be sent to each congregation in separate emails.

Because of Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, we are operating as family units more than ever, with parents and children of all ages (including college students) home together. Parents, please stay tuned for further information on ideas and recommendations for including children on Good Friday and Easter.

We deeply believe that God can meet us in the virtual space; let us expectantly meet our God in the 2020 Good F​riday and Easter services using these new online ways!

Detroit Chinese Alliance Church


Video – DCAC response to COVID-19