English Online Materials on Christ’s Passion for Group and Family Use

Arrangements for the Good Friday (April 2) service: Please find the Chinese and English materials for the fellowship group leaders to use for online meetings. These materials include songs, Scripture meditation, and study questions related to Christ’s Passion. Please feel free to make adjustments according to each group’s unique needs.


1. 視頻“Why I Call it Good Friday?”&讚美詩 (20 minutes)

2. Scripture Meditation & Study Questions (5~6 people in a group: 60 minutes)

3. Prayer 禱告

1. Video Clip & Hymns

Video Clip : Why I call it Good Friday?

English Songs

1.1. Jesus Paid It All

1.2. Reckless Love

1.3. The Blessing

2. Scripture Meditation & Study Questions

Luke 23:26-49

Discovery Bible Study

2.1. Gratitude…What are you thankful for today or this week?

2.2. Intercession…What are the challenges that you are facing?

2.3. Reading…Have 2 or 3 people read this passage out loud.

2.4. Big idea…Can you summarize this passage in your own words?

2.5. He is…What do we discover or learn about God?

2.6. We are…What do we discover or learn about people?

2.7. I will…What has the Holy Spirit revealed to you? How will you obey it in your life this week?

2.8. You can…Who do you know who needs to hear this? With whom are you going to share what you have learned?

2.9. Prayer & Service…Based on this passage, what can we pray about? How can we help with a challenge you’re facing?

Pray! Pray! Pray!

3. Parents & Students

Encourage students AND parents to participate in our English International Ministry’s special event.

English International Ministry invites you to the Stations of the Cross, a self-paced, guided meditation on the events of Good Friday. To promote social distancing, we are asking everyone to sign up for a time slot at Good Friday Stations of the Cross

4. Palm Sunday (March 28) to Easter Sunday (April 4) – The Final Days of Jesus

The following 8 videos record the “The Final Days of Jesus”. Each video is a short 4-5 minutes. The history narrates events from Palm Sunday to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. And there are biblical scholars explaining the historical background and details of the Bible. Help us prepare our hearts to commemorate Good Friday and celebrate Easter.

  • The Final Days of Jesus: Palm Sunday by Crossway
  •   The Final Days of Jesus: Monday by Crossway
  •   The Final Days of Jesus: Tuesday by Crossway
  • The Final Days of Jesus: Wednesday by Crossway
  • The Final Days of Jesus: Thursday by Crossway
  •   The Final Days of Jesus: Friday by Crossway
  •  The Final Days of Jesus: Saturday by Crossway
  •  The Final Days of Jesus: Resurrection Sunday by Crossway


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