How to Pass the Peace in the Lord,passing care.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You may find the links below for two recorded videos: Pastor Daniel Shen (in Mandarin): How to Pass the Peace
Feel free to share with other people!
I also want to encourage every brother and sister if you knew someone (or God put someone’s name in your heart) who has not connected to any DCAC fellowship group (who may attend DCAC Sunday service before) do the following three things by calling him or her on phone, WeChat, Line, Zoom,…:

1. Ask “How are you doing?”

2. Ask “Do you have any need I or we (our church DCAC) can help?”

3. Ask “Do you have anything I can pray for you now?”After the prayer, ask the person if he or she is OK to receive DCAC email update (ask for the contact email address and forward the emails sent to DCAC group in the past few weeks if you get the permission). We will upload the email information to DCAC new website (still under construction) and later people only need to check the website to find the updates. At the end, invite him or her to attend your own fellowship group online meeting and add his or her to your group online meeting if you get the permission. By God’s grace he or she may start to attend your group online meeting starting from the coming Friday (3/27). This is the concrete way for us to pass our care to anyone who has the need and we really need your help to participate “Passing Care”.